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Hello, my name is James Hewings and I'm the most established web designer in the beautiful town of Torquay in Devon. Since 1999 I've been running a small web design business that specialises in creating websites for other small businesses. I live with my wife and two young children in Torquay and I'm a graduate of the University of Plymouth where I recently studied digital media and animation as part of my continual professional development. I'm also a qualified graphic designer with 25 years of experience and studied graphic design at Plymouth College of Art.


I create websites with a strong bias towards good useability. I'm interested in all areas of digital design but I'm no geek. I know how to follow a brief and will use whatever means are appropriate to achieve a design solution to a business problem. I study the psychology of consumer behaviour so that I can best communicate ideas and messages.



The convergence of digital media means that there's always something new to do or to learn. When I moved into web design from graphic design it was quite straightforward really. Now however, video & animation among other things has made it a much more complex (albiet interesting) environment to work in. Having a degree in this area has helped a lot - it cost a lot too!

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I would love to work on one of your projects. If you have a job you think I'd be right for, please contact me. If you have any questions or comments I have a handy contact form, or you can telephone me! If you want to know more about me, check out my other website at


I make user friendly websites for small businesses.

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As a small business owner myself, I understand some of the pressures and obstacles that arise. I also spend more time understanding the behaviour that influences consumers' shopping habits.

This particular site needed to appeal to professional and domestic customers & be easy of use, mobile optimised and feature strong brand integrity.

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I have a great deal of experience in the area of hospitality and guest accommodation. I created a site which helped to generate a 35 week occupancy rate in one self-catering holiday property.

I use virtual tours and HDR photography (ask me) to create far superior results and interaction than others even bother with. Check out other examples on Flickr & Facebook

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I work in a tourist resort so it's natural that I get to create many sites in the tourism sector. In a crowded marketplace it's important that each one stands out on its own.

I evaluate each project individually and endevour to create an individual marketing tool without compromising on useability or integrity.

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Did you know that you don't have to stick with the default Facebook theme on your business page? From just £99, I can create a much better appearance such as the example featured here.

Click on the link below to visit this Facebook page and see what you think. If you like it, then please like it and I'll offer some discount if I can help with yours.

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I have a passion for all good digital design.

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Using a range of lens and techniques, I can create better photographs than many others take the time to bother with. It's a small extra detail but no small difference when you're paying hundreds of pounds for your website or brochure design.

I will wait or return if the weather or lighting conditions aren't just right. I will even come back at night if it means getting a better photo.

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In 2011, I exhibited a projection mapped animation upon the west window of Exeter Cathedral. The project was part of the annual 'Animated Exeter' festival which draws thousands of visitors each year.

Using a powerful projector, the glass 'moved' to an audio-visual sequence which took many weeks of work but lasted just just 3 minutes on the night!

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The great thing about web videos is that they are easy to put into a website. They can take up no more room than a normal picture but say so much more. Nobody needs to install anything because I can host it for you.

I can create videos like this from your camcorder footage from just £99.

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I'd love to work with you! Please contact me today.


If you have a project you would like to chat about, please contact me using this contact form. Fields marked with * are required or it won't get sent.

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I live and work in Torquay in Devon. Email or phone me anytime but visit me by arrangement please because I might be out freelancing.

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